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Life after levels at CfBT Schools Trust

Developing a new primary assessment model

Primary schools within CST have really grasped the opportunity presented by the removal of national curriculum levels. A cross-Trust working group has taken responsibility for developing a new assessment model – launched in September 2015 – which focuses on tracking pupil progress across the entire new curriculum. This means all schools are working to the same assessment standards, supported by cross-Trust moderation and comparison of data.

All the assessment resources were developed by classroom teachers so there is a real sense of ownership across all schools. Whilst all schools have one eye on national assessments, the Trust model ensures pupil progress can be tracked at a more granular level and used to inform teaching.

Alongside the assessment model sits a bespoke data tracking system, housed within each school’s management information system (or MIS) that allows meaningful analysis at pupil, school and Trust-level.

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